Client Testimonials

Hi Bob,
Thank you for the prompt report.  It looks to cover all the things we talked about.  Thank you for all the good photos. 
I appreciate your help in the homebuying process.
Kelli .M

  Hi Bob,   Thanks a lot for the detailed inspection. We are very pleased with your dedicated effort.





Just wanted to say thank you again for a job extremely well done.

During the period leading up to the purchase of my condo, my attention
was focused on too many different things to fully appreciate the quality of your

As I was telling my girlfriend this morning as I looked over your report, you didn't
'just' list the problems in the place, you took pictures and provided advice on exactly
how I could correct those problems, which is well above and beyond what I 
expected from a condo inspector...

We finally got the clear-to-close yesterday, and as I looked over your report, just
wanted to say thank you again for a job well-done.  If you should ever require a
'testimonial', or reference to substantiate your work - you've got one.